Soup Ladies Get a New Truck from King County

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Several years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Ginger Passarelli (known by many as “Mama”) for a story I was writing for The Seattle Times. Since then, I’ve written several stories about Ginger, her restaurant and The Soup Ladies. She stands out as a true community hero, someone who gives selflessly of her time and talent when people need it the most. She’s passed her generous spirit on to other volunteers who are collectively known as The Soup Ladies. These women tirelessly cook and serve hot meals to emergency crews, search & rescue workers, law enforcement, fire fighters and others who help in emergency situations.

Yesterday The Soup Ladies received the donation of a retired 4×4 all-terrain vehicle to help The Soup Ladies get to rescue workers wherever they are. In a November 13 press release, King County Councilmember Reagan Dunn said, “The Soup Ladies are an invaluable volunteer group here in the Pacific Northwest. I am ecstatic to play a part in securing this vehicle that will help them continue to serve our community. A big thank you goes to the Sheriff’s Office and the County Executives as well who also played a part in making this handover possible.”

Next up for The Soup Ladies:  a trip to New York City to assist in the recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

Thank you, Ginger and your selfless Soup Ladies, for all you do!

The Soup Ladies receive a 4x4 ATV to help in their work to feed rescue workers.