Speaker Request

Request a Soup Ladies Speaker for Your Group

What do a pink pickup truck, a small group of volunteers, and a bowl of soup have in common?

They bring the renewal of a warm meal and a warm smile to first responders and search and rescue personnel when they are working on an extended incident or search mission.

Bring a speaker from the Soup Ladies to your group:

  • Local service clubs (Rotary, Kiwanis, Lions, Soroptimist, etc.)
  • Chamber of Commerce and community clubs
  • Citizen corps, CERT, and emergency management groups
  • Companies, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations
  • Your group!

You’ll learn …

  • How the Soup Ladies began with the inspiration of a MRE
  • Who and where we serve
  • How we’re organized to be the on the road within an hour of being called
  • The training and professionalism required of our volunteers
  • And what a simple bowl of soup means to police, firefighters, search and rescue teams, and other emergency personnel when working in very difficult situations

To request a speaker for your group, contact:       MamaPassarelli@msn.com