Summer volunteer pot luck

Summer volunteer pot luck

Thank you for your interest in The Soup Ladies!

Volunteering can be a demanding job that often takes place in rugged terrain
and difficult, sensitive situations. Because of this, we truly appreciate your
interest in knowing more about becoming a Soup Lady.

Tell me more about being a Soup Lady

The Soup Ladies are a 501c3 charity. Our mission is to provide first responders
(police, fire, and rescue) with the appropriate nutrition to promote safety and clear thinking during critical incidents. Besides preparing and delivering the food, we must lift 50 pound supplies, stand for long periods, be out in the elements for extended periods
of time, be in the background as much as possible, and sometimes end up sleeping on floors – all of this done with a professional attitude. In addition, each Soup Lady is required to pay for their own gas, own uniforms and their own plane fares,               when called out on a mission.

Sounds good! What’s Next?

To proceed toward the application process, you will need to complete the
following mandatory steps in order:

1. Take three online courses from FEMA. To boil it down, these will train you
in the chain of command and familiarize you with the NIMS (National Incident
Management System). The courses are ICS 100, ICS 200, ICS 700. Note: you must
start and finish the final exam for each in one sitting or the test will reset.
Each course number above is a link to the corresponding FEMA online course.

2. Once you’ve passed the three ICS courses, email the certificates of
completion, along with your name, address and phone number to volunteer@soupladies.org  with the subject line: ICS Certificates.

The volunteer coordinator will contact you to
answer further questions and help you complete the next steps.

What are the final steps you’ll guide me through?

Driver’s license information is required to run your driving abstract

Formal application filled out and background check performed

Volunteer orientation/welcome/training scheduled

Official identification badge received

What are the rewards?

Knowing you’ve made a difference in a first responder’s day.

The unsung gratitude of each responder and their family, as well
as the community.

What about a chapter where I live?

We have one chapter in Buckley Washington right now and are working hard on setting in place the framework for starting chapters in other locations.

If you live in another area but have great interest in serving first responders in your area or flying anywhere in the US to help,  you can begin by following the steps above right now and letting us know of your interest!

Soup Ladies, Volunteer Coordinator
email          volunteer@soupladies.org

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